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"Bringing hope to those children in South Sudan who need it most"


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SSAORO is a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) Public Charitable Organization



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WE HAVE EXCITING NEWS!  SSAORO’s Gumriak School in South Sudan is secure for many more years! Your past investment in SSAORO will continue to yield a huge return.

SSAORO’s Board of Directors and many donors often have expressed their shared concern for Gumriak’s future.  For eight years, our Board members– and many of our donors – have identified personally with some of Gumriak’s children as we have watched with great pleasure their progress towards graduation.  We worried that other orphaned and needy children might not have the same opportunity to go to school in future years.  With a bittersweet feeling of sorrow that we are transferring Gumriak to another non-profit group, and with delight that Gumriak will continue to operate for a long time in the future – we are pleased to tell you that SSAORO’s Gumriak Community School has been acquired by and is being operated by Mothering Across Continents (MAC), a larger non-profit, founded in 2009, that operates a primary school in a neighboring village in South Sudan.  MAC operates other schools and targeted education projects in Africa, Haiti, Rwanda, and Mexico.  The acquisition of Gumriak by MAC affirms MAC’s significant commitment to education throughout the world.  Please visit MAC’s web site at (The web site will be updated in a few months to reflect MAC’s acquisition of Gumriak, but it will give you a sense now of who MAC is.)

Even before MAC became a non-profit public charitable organization in 2009, SSAORO and MAC worked collaboratively to advance the two organizations’ shared commitment to educating children in southern Sudan.  MAC has provided counsel and financial support to Gumriak, and for several years MAC has underwritten the cost of educating 25 to 40 children from Aliap, a neighboring village close to Gumriak.  MAC has also provided funding for educational supplies, equipment, and e-readers for Gumriak’s children.  Gumriak became the model school in the region, and Gumriak’s director worked with MAC when it opened its school in a neighboring village in 2015.  While not a “foregone conclusion” the acquisition of Gumriak by MAC was a natural expression of the symbiotic relationship that the two organizations have enjoyed over the years.

Already, Gumriak has benefitted richly from the two organizations’ agreement.  MAC has completed needed repairs to Gumriak’s facilities, and over $30,000 of school supplies and equipment has been purchased for Gumriak.  MAC has committed to providing additional teacher training, and it has introduced an innovative, incentive-based salary structure at Gumriak.  MAC, too, will benefit from its acquisition of Gumriak.  The addition of the Gumriak School to its portfolio will strengthen MAC’s position as a force in the non-profit arena, allowing it to leverage even greater donor and foundation funding.   MAC intends to further enhance the quality of Gumriak’s programs, and it intends to expand the capacity of the Gumriak school.  Gumriak’s future as part of MAC is bright, and its continuity is assured.

I (James Manyror, SSAORO’s founder) will serve on MAC’s Board of Directors.  In that capacity, I will be able to offer vital insight and counsel on matters relating to Gumriak.

SSAORO’s Board of Directors has committed to funding Gumriak’s operations through 2016. Our goal is to raise sufficient funds to underwrite all of Gumriak’s expenses for the year 2017.  SSAORO’s final appeal for this funding will be sent out in October, 2016.  Your past support has
allowed SSAORO to prosper and to consummate a successful consolidation with MAC.  We hope that you will continue to partner with SSAORO, and later with MAC, to assure the Gumriak School’s continued success.


Peter A. Firmin                                                                        James K. Manyror

CFO                                                                                        President and Founder


If you wish to contribute towards a specific need please specify when submitting your donation.  Latrines, restoration and school supply funds will be held until the project is ready and a sufficient amount of funding has been received.