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James' 2014-2015 Trip to South Sudan

In October 2014 James traveled from Colorado to South Sudan.  He will devote a year to working with Gumriak’s director, Michael Miyom in Pariang. While there he will establish relationships with governmental and non-government organizations in South Sudan, on SSAORO’s behalf.  James will provide an objective assessment of Gumriak’s status, accomplishments, needs, and plans for the future.

Check back to read James’ updates!

Update from James - March 2015

Since his arrival, James has been in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. He reports the following:

I have successfully registered SSAORO with the national South Sudan organizations. SSAORO is now recognized by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and the Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs.

Additionally, SSAORO is registered with the South Sudan NGO Forum.   This group allows all NGO’s operating in South Sudan to partner and share their expertise.


Update from James - October 31, 2014

Our first meeting after my arrival in South Sudan.  Michael reported the following:

  • Gumriak orphanage/primary school is continuing well more than ever.
  • Rain is still raining hard but their actives still well.
  • School admission has increased to 145 students. 40 of them are girls and 105 are boys.
  • There is GESS, (Girls Education South Sudan) which was introduced by South Sudan government and her partners.  This program is training girls on feminist issues. There are three schools selected in this programs.  They are  Gumriak  Orphanage/Primary school,  John Garang primary school and  Pariang A.
  • There are 13 members committee to oversee the progress of the school PTA. Sarah Achol is the deputy chairperson and she is only female in school and in those committee.  The headmaster Abraham Gueng is the Secretary of PTA.



Photo of James meeting in Juba with Gumriak Director Michael and MAC representative Lubo on October 31, 2014.