South Sudanese American Orphaned Rehabilitation Organization

"Bringing hope to those children in South Sudan who need it most"


























About Us


SSAORO'S Mission

Our Mission is to enrich the lives of orphaned children in Pariang village by providing them with a safe and caring environment and providing education and guidance to them and other disadvantaged children.

Our History

James with Gumriak studentsIn 2005 James Manyror, SSAORO’s founder and one off the Lost Boys of Sudan, felt compelled to help the orphans and street children in his native village of Pariang in South Sudan. With the creation of SSAORO, his dream was realized.  Since July 2008 SSAORO has operated Gumriak Orphanage and Community School.  Gumriak is the only free school in Pariang. In James' native Dinka language, Gumriak means “those who have survived the disaster."

The Sudanese American Orphaned Rehabilitation Organization (SAORO) changed its name to the South Sudanese American Orphaned Rehabilitation Organization (SSAORO) in March 2015.  The new name more precisely reflects SSAORO's reality and mission, because Pariang village, in which SSAORO's Gumriak school for orphaned children is located, is in the Republic of South Sudan.

To read James' story, click here.

Our Children

James with ClassToday we provide basic needs for orphaned children, both residents and day students.  The children receive an education in English, science, geography, mathematics, religion and hygiene. They play various games and sports in the Gumriak compound.

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Gumriak's Director

Michael_MiyomThe key to running Gumriak is our Director, Michael Miyom. Michael, another Lost Boy, is one of the founders of SSAORO. Married and with a family in Kenya, he chose to return to Pariang to assume the role of project director. His initiative, dedication and loyalty, both for the children and for his new country, are awe-inspiring. He truly shines!



Gumriak_TeachersAn independent organization recognized the teachers at Gumriak as being some of the very best in South Sudan. The teachers continually support the school motto “Inspired to Aim High”.  Sarah was mentioned as being one of the few women teaching in South Sudan and a tremendous role model for the girls. Click here to read an excerpt from their review.




The SSAORO Organization is comprised of several people who recognize the importance of SSAORO's mission and share a passion for helping the children of South Sudan. No officer receives compensation. All fundraising and administrative expenses are underwritten by SSAORO's officers and volunteers.


All of SSAORO's governing documents and financial statements are available for inspection, on request.